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Terms of Service


These general conditions of sale and use (hereinafter referred to as "the General Conditions of Sale") govern the offer of services. Any customer of A+ VIP DRIVE must imperatively read these general conditions of sale and use before placing an order. A+ VIP Drive Florian Rubeli reserves the right to modify the general conditions of sale and use at any time.

1- Purpose of the Service:

The A+ VIP DRIVE Company provides a transport service by providing its customers with passenger cars with a driver. The A+ VIP DRIVE Company is registered in the Register of Transport Car Operators with Driver under the number EVTC006165607; It is subject to the provisions of articles L231-4 of the Tourism Code and to decree n°85-891 of August 16, 1985.

2. Obtain Service:

A+ VIP DRIVE ensures a quality of transport in recent vehicles, the vehicles offered are of the Sedan or Van type. The company is able to offer vehicles adapted to the needs of customers and can call on Partners to provide the transport service if it is unable to meet them. The customer has the option of requesting a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website (, by telephone (0670708437), by email (, by SMS (0670708437) or by the Whatsapp application (+33670708437). The service is only available by reservation. The company is not held responsible for the information indicated by the customer at the time of the reservation, the customer must indicate all the particularities of the journey, in particular the starting point, the possible intermediate stages, the final point of arrival, the number of customers, any luggage and any other element likely to modify the route or the category of vehicle. Customers have the possibility to estimate the cost of a race on the website, this is an estimate and only the final price established between the two parties is valid.

3. Price of the Service:

The company A+ VIP DRIVE sets the price of the service according, in particular, to the customer's requests. A+ VIP DRIVE then indicates the price directly to the customer by telephone, email or SMS so that the customer can know the price of his service in advance. The request for information by telephone, email or SMS is free and in no way binds the customer and the Company. The Minimum Rate applicable by the A+ VIP DRIVE Company is €20, below this rate the A+ VIP DRIVE Company does not make a transfer. The applicable Minimum Fare does not represent a base price but a minimum journey price. A reservation voucher is then issued by the Company, the customer is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information provided. This shipment is made by email only. If the sending is impossible for technical reasons for example, the reservation is considered as compliant with the customer's request from the moment an oral agreement has been concluded. The price communicated to customers includes VAT at the rates set by regulations for transport services (20% for provision and 10% for transfers), in addition to VAT, the Company A+ VIP DRIVE undertakes to guarantee a vehicle clean, meeting the conditions of the service, the service of a driver, tolls, fuel, as well as all costs related to transport, insurance that complies with all circumstances, etc. The price of additional services, mentioned exclusively at the time of booking, does not relate to transport. Additional sales, such as consumables that may be offered on board, are subject to the current VAT rate of 20%. They will be separated from the Transport Service during invoicing. Additional services such as baby seats, baskets or transport boxes for pets and other special requests are not included in the base price of the service.

4. Order Modification and/or Cancellation:

Once the price of the service has been established between the customer and the Company, the latter provides an order form on which the entire service is indicated in accordance with the customer's requests and its price including tax. When the purchase order is signed the contract is considered to have started. The customer can cancel and/or modify an order made by telephone, by email, or by any other means made available by the company A+ VIP DRIVE for the purpose of allowing the use of the service before his departure. Charges may apply for late cancellations:

– If the customer cancels more than 72 hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the place and time of departure, the cancellation entails 50% of the total price already paid.

– If the customer cancels between 24 hours and 72 hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the place and at the time of departure, the cancellation will incur a cost of 75% of the price of the trip.

– If the customer has not canceled his order 24 hours before the arrival of the vehicle, that the customer is not present at the start after having received the SMS confirming the arrival of the vehicle or cancels at the time when the driver or the company calls the customer on the phone, the full value of the race will be requested from the customer.


Any changes to the initial estimate may be made and subsequently invoiced to the customer, the company A+ VIP DRIVE is not responsible for unexpected expenses related to waiting, change of address, additional stops, parking, etc. Payment of these increases will be payable immediately, i.e. before arriving at the final destination. In the event of a wait linked to a delay on the agreed pick-up time and indicated on the transport voucher previously communicated by e-mail or courier, charges apply:

– From 5 minutes late up to 15 minutes, 5€ are applied.

– From 15 minutes late to 30 minutes late, an additional €15 is applied to the first indent, i.e. €20 including tax in total.

– From 30 minutes to 1 hour late, an additional €20 is applied to the first and second indents, i.e. €40 including tax in total.

– Beyond 1 hour of delay, without call, sms or Whatsapp message from the customer, the company authorizes itself to leave the place of support and to invoice a total amount of 50€ TTC to the customer.



5. Rules:

A+ VIP DRIVE accepts several payment methods: cash and credit card. A+ VIP DRIVE reserves the right to request a bank imprint or a deposit at the time of the customer's reservation, this payment can be made by credit card only. By communicating his bank details, the customer accepts in advance and unconditionally that the Company proceeds with the secure transaction. The customer therefore authorizes his bank in advance to debit his account in view of the records and/or statements transmitted by the Company. The company does not accept any credits or payment delays, any payment must be made before the performance of the service or during if supplements are added during the journey.


6. Benefit:

The A+ VIP DRIVE Company carries out all types of transport for people in vehicles not exceeding 9 seats. The Company makes every effort to offer a personalized response to each request by studying the best possibilities to guarantee a fair price. The Company's drivers and Driver Partners are bound by an obligation to comply with the charter in accordance with the standards expected and proposed by the A+ VIP DRIVE Company.


7. Billing:

The Company A+ VIP DRIVE sends the customer, once the service has been completed, an invoice by email or courier on which appears the price of the daily transfer and other characteristics related to the service. In the event of an order cancellation resulting in cancellation and/or additional costs, the company A+ VIP DRIVE also sends the customer an invoice detailing the total amount of the cancellation costs applied. In the event of non-payment or for any means of payment returned unpaid, the Company A+ VIP DRIVE will apply a reminder of the sums due to which will be added a lump sum of €40.


8. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Company:

The service offered by the company consists of a search service for vehicles with driver corresponding to the needs of the customer. A+ VIP DRIVE may at any time call on Partners who will be contractually bound to adopt our quality standards. The company is therefore bound by a simple obligation of means by implementing all possible means to find an available vehicle as soon as possible, for immediate reservation. The company cannot guarantee availability of less than 30 minutes in accordance with the regulations, it cannot be held responsible for the delay of its client if the latter has not anticipated his departure. The A+ VIP DRIVE Company is required by regulations to have insurance covering the transport of people for a fee. Passengers are covered for all bodily, material and immaterial damage for all damage they may suffer as a result of an accident from boarding the car to getting off, with the exception of any damage caused by the customer himself. The Company makes every effort to make online ordering services available almost permanently. However, we cannot be held responsible for the interruption of this service for reasons inherent to maintenance and operating constraints. The responsibility of the Company and its Partners cannot be engaged if the passager must imperatively be accompanied by an accompanying person, if access to the vehicle is impossible, if the vehicle cannot be parked in accordance with the highway code on the public road, or for any reason beyond his control. Travel times are always given as an indication, they are only an estimate of it. These travel times are determined on an average of all journeys made to this same distance, they are not contractual and in no way do they engage the responsibility of the company. The Company advises its customers whose journey is important to provide an additional margin. Thus for access to stations allow 30min and for access to airports allow 45min under normal traffic conditions. The Company cannot be held responsible for the consequences of traffic conditions.



9. Customer Obligations and Responsibilities:

The Customer undertakes by this contract to always respect the times communicated to him for his pick-up, A+ VIP DRIVE may invoice late penalties in relation to the time agreed in the transport contract. The Customer undertakes by signing this contract to behave correctly inside the vehicle. Passengers, adults and children, must imperatively wear their seatbelts or risk receiving a fine. It is the client's responsibility to provide safety equipment for children traveling in the vehicles of A+ VIP Drive and its partners (cradles and baby seats). However, subject to availability, A+ VIP Drive and its driver partners may offer baby seats from 13kg for an additional charge. For safety reasons and, in accordance with the law of September 17, 1977, it is forbidden to smoke inside the vehicle. Also for safety reasons it is forbidden to transport flammable, corrosive, toxic or explosive materials. Animals are admitted on board vehicles provided that they travel inside suitable equipment (basket or crate) and that this is provided for when ordering transport. Luggage during transfers in the Sedan and Comfort category must be reasonable. If the baggage exceeds the equivalent of 2 hold suitcases + 2 cabin suitcases, the driver may refuse transport, if necessary, ask for a supplement to the basic rate or offer a more suitable vehicle such as the Van so that the transport respects all security. Failure to comply with these clauses entails the responsibility of the customer or passenger, the Company reserves the right to any recourse. When the driver arrives, he reserves the right to cancel the trip if he considers that the client's condition is not suitable for safe transport. For example, a customer who is alcoholic or under the influence of narcotics will be refused access to vehicles without possible discussion. Thus, we authorize ourselves to ask you for lump sums in the event of incidents that could damage the vehicle. The customer is responsible for his actions during the journey, the Company reserves the right to request immediate payment for faults committed by its Customers.

Scratches on Bodywork: €800 incl. VAT per scratch.

Damage to seats: €1,500 including tax.

Interior damage: up to €5,000 including tax.


These amounts are only an example and are communicated for information only, A+ VIP DRIVE reserves the right to request a higher cost than that of the repairs after findings made with the dealer. If the degradation results in a loss of time to repair the damage, the Company holds the Customer responsible for this loss of time and may ask him for compensation for the damage caused. The Company authorizes itself to immediately restrict access to the Service to any customer who does not comply with the rules herein.



10. IT and personal data:

The information collected by A+ VIP DRIVE within the framework of the Service is subject to computer processing intended for the application of the said Service, in particular the data resulting from the search for a route and the data of journeys already made. The Customer has the right to access, modify or delete his personal data upon written request to the Company's headquarters: 52 Boulevard de la Corne d'Or - 06230 Villefranche sur Mer. The Company may be required to set up modules such as "cookies" which allow, in particular, to identify the visitor during the duration of his session on the website.

These general conditions are a computer translation. Only the general conditions of service described in French are authentic

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