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Tarifs pour Nice aéroport et au départ de Nice Aéroport

Despite the increase in fuel, airport taxes, tolls, increased transfer times due to traffic and the explosion of aircraft delays, we strive to offer you fair rates in line with the quality of our service.

20% surcharge

9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. + Sundays and public holidays

Hourly Service (Car with chauffeur)


1 Hour 85€ (30km maximum included, minimum 3 hours successif)

Half Day 4 Hours 300€ (120 km maximum included)

Day 8 Hours 580€ (240km maximum included)


Extra km 2.00€

- The kilometers not traveled are neither refundable not cumulative.

- Each hour started is due in full

- Minimum 4 hour break between two shifts per 24 hour period 

Increase 20%

from 21h00 to 06h00 and

Sunday & Holidays


Baby Seat + 13kg   10€

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