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Masseur de relaxation, coach relaxation, Dirigeant de Riviera Prestige Massages et Monaco VIP Massage

Riviera Prestige Massages

Riviera Prestige Massage is a Relaxation Massages traditional upscale proposed by Florian, Swiss relaxation massager. He graduated from


- Traditional Tibetan Massage school of Mc LeodGanj in the Indian Himalayas
- School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma Kanur in Kerala in India
- Aloha from Hawaii Massage Academy
- Massage School in Tahiti Tahiti
- A ZEN DAY School of Paris.


Florian is also Reiki Master Coach and relaxation.


Our Art is our Passion as we do in your Home (residence, hotels, Yacht, business ...) on an Arch between Monaco and Saint Tropez.


Directs Lines

Florian  06 52 26 70 09    Foreign +33 6 52 28 70 09

My philosophy


We traveled around the World and we have been taught that we offer Massages to their Country of Origin. Indeed we have brought back a lot of authenticity. It is in this spirit of tradition and excellence that we practice without dissociation from the body and mind to ensure a unique relaxation, deep and lasting.  

We work with the greatest respect for privacy​. During the Sessions the Body is covered with Towels. Only the Part on which we work is discovered. 

Obviously we are particularly attentive to the hygiene conditions in which we work.

My Implantation​


I move with my Massage Beds, Backs Oils, our Towels and everything needed to recreate at Home, an atmosphere for your Relaxation (essential Oil Diffuser, Zen Music...).

La presse parle de moi



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