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massage a domicile

Universal Deep Massage®

Created by Florian, the Universal Deep Massage ® is a holistic massage, an approach to be in its entirety. It affects the person in its various dimensions: physical, sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Specifically, it is a massage that is practiced on table with 17 essential oils and precious vegetable oils 5.


Universal Deep Massage® covers the entire body.

From technology acquired from the greatest masters, include a wide variety of movements, stretching, swinging, accompaniment of the breath, various massage movements; light or deep, slow or fast, long or short, energetic balancing the use of Reiki ...


This variety of stimuli causes a sensory awareness that is also waking life. It comprises a large part of global and enveloping movements: one of its main characteristics is to be unifying. It emphasizes the importance and quality of the relationship to another by touch.

Benefits: Relaxation, fun, energizing, emotional release, better self-knowledge, interpersonal development, spiritual opening ...

Universal Deep Massage® is exclusive Riviera Luxury Massage. It was created based on the teachings of the great masters that we received during our travels around the world.


Séance 120 minutes: 160€



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