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Draining & Weight Loss Massage

The Weight Loss and draining Massage promote harmonization of the face and body and enhances the action of a monitored diet and regular physical activity


This Massage target specific Areas of the Body. It combines different Techniques such as stroking, Frictions, palpated Rolled, Vibrations, stretching, Pinching and lymphatic Drainage.


Manual work is focused primarily on areas of Cellulite, so the Thighs, Buttocks, Hips, Abdomen and Arms.


The structure of slimming Massage protocol is developed depending on the desired physiological Effects. The use of specific essential Oils increases the effectiveness of the movements.


For lasting results, this Massage must be received at regular intervals and coupled with a food Hygiene and regular physical Activity.


Manual lymphatic Drainage is a gentle Massage Technique, is done with the Fingers and the Palm of the Hand across the Body in the Direction of the lymphatic Circulation and exerting Pressure very superficial. The Practitioner executes a Serie of Slow, gentle Movements, similar to the effect of a Wave, creating a pumping Effect. The Purpose is to drain the Excess liquid present in the tissue and improve Circulation. Some Sessions are necessary before getting noticeable Results.


Purification of the Body, thinning, Tissue regeneration.


Practiced on a Massage table, we use natural organic essential Oils whose active ingredients generate the desired Effects.


Benefits of slimming-draining massage


Action Slimming: he participated in the release of Cellulite, fight against water Retention and refines the Shape


Action Energy: by stimulating or calming Points along the Meridians carrying the Qi (body energy).


Our Practitioners are skilled Professionals at your Service, we move home with the right Equipment, to accompany your Wellness and Slimming Process.


Call for an appointment customized and adapted to your needs.


This kind of Massage usually requires some sessions, you can opt for a Subscription at cheaper rates.


Durée / Duration env. 45 minutes

Prix / Price 70.00 euros

Abonnement 6 séances: 385.00 euros


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