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massage traditionnel tibetain
moine méditation

The Ritual Tibetan Massage

A deeply relaxing Massage from 40 centuries of experience serving your physical and emotional Well-being.         


Ku Nye's Benefits are endless as always adapted to the Person, their needs and timing. It can raise its rejuvenating and revitalizing Effects mentioned in many Tibetan texts. Note, among others, its benefits on Muscle tension (especially dorsal), the Elimination of Toxins in the Body, and an improvement of the digestive Process, a positive Contribution in sleep Disorders, anxiety, Stress, Lack of Tone ...


The Ku Nye is an excellent Practice to achieve Energy Balance, a deep physical Well-being, mental and emotional.
This is a rare and ancient Technique, the Result of 40 Centuries of Experience, the Aim has always been to find and maintain the Balance and Harmony of Body and Mind.


Its Action is reinforced by the use of Oils and hot Pouches prepared from specific Plants and imported directly from the medical Institute of the Dalai Lama. During the Ku Nye we also use the Tibetan singing Bowls.


Like all messages we offer, this Ritual has been handed down in his home Country.  It was during a five-month stay with Tibetan Monks in the Himalayas we have acquired this Technique.


Duration 60 minutes: 80€

Duration 80 minutes: 110€



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